The Moral and Spiritual Education of Children

Bahá’ís see the young as the most precious treasure a community can possess. In them are the promise and guarantee of the future. Yet, in order for this promise to be realised, children need to receive spiritual nourishment. In a world where the joy and innocence of childhood can be so easily overwhelmed by the aggressive pursuit of materialistic ends, the moral and spiritual education of children assumes vital importance.

Love, Truthfulness and Justice

The purpose of the Moral and Spiritual Education of Children Program is to provide spiritual education for children by helping children learn about the qualities they inherently possess (like love, truthfulness and justice) and giving them an opportunity to develop their understanding of these qualities and build strong character.

Emphasis is placed on learning to think, to reflect and apply spiritual qualities (like love, kindness, generosity, and truthfulness) to their daily lives. The elements of a children’s class are prayers, art/drama, storytelling, memorization, music and cooperative games.

Spiritual education gives children a strong foundation for the choices they will make in their lives as they grow older. Though the lessons are based on Baha’i Teachings, the themes are universal and apply to children of all religions and backgrounds. Baha’is partner with their neighbors, friends, and youth in particular, to ensure the spiritual education of all children.

Ultimately, the aim is for children to increasingly grow up free from all forms of prejudice, recognizing the oneness of humanity and appreciating the innate dignity and nobility of every human being.

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