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Building Community

We all have a share in building a better world. All of us feel a desire to help one another and to see the society around us advance and prosper spiritually and materially. We all look forward to a future where peace and harmony will be established and the people of the world live in unity. Deep in our hearts, each of us has the desire to serve our communities. Building a better world begins with ourselves, our family, our neighborhood, and our community. Youth ages 15 to 30 years, in particular, have always played a vital role in building such vibrant communities; and youth, now more than ever, have a priceless opportunity to arise and serve as mentors for children, and junior youth ages 12 to 14 years old.

How does one build a vibrant community?

The training institutes were established throughout the world to respond to the critical need of building community life. They build our capacity to walk a path of service by empowering us to take ownership of our own spiritual and intellectual transformation as we walk a path of service to our community. We walk this path of service with many friends. We learn how to walk this path together. And as we take steps, and others join, our community begins to transform.

Everyone, especially youth ages 15 and older, is invited to come together in a neighborhood to study the materials of the institute that help participants develop the knowledge, spiritual insights, and skills which enable them to contribute to the betterment of society, starting with their own neighborhood.

The environment is a joyful space where youth are learning together and making friendships. A facilitator assists the group to study and serve. During school breaks, youth are invited to a “Youth Camp” to further their study of the institute materials, build and deepen friendships, and think about how to serve their neighborhoods, especially the younger generation.

Youth Camps

To find out more, join a virtual “Youth Camp” or study and serve with a group of youth, please click below

Junior Youth Animator

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Children's Class Teacher

Be part of the moral and spiritual education for children by serving as a children's class teacher...

Ultimately, the aim for every generation

is to increasingly free themselves from all forms of prejudice, recognize the oneness of humanity, and appreciate the innate dignity and nobility of every human being.
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